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very dear friends are to be treasured and held close to our hearts.


You are total magic Lizzie.

Monique and little Noah

Monique and Noah are two pretty beautiful human beings. I had such a short time with them. It would have been easy to

Baby Teeth

this time of year feels a little out of control. you know that feeling? and time sort of disappears on you. and then on

Dave, Jen and their crazy big crew

way back in 2000 when i was living far away over the seas i met some pretty cool people. way back then they only had

Steph, Christian, Tano, Oscar and little Mila

way too much amazingness in one little family. truly scrumptious people. xxx Rachael Brown

Bee, Russell, Daisy and Lola

here is this tiny bit of light i have stumbled across. last week someone asked me to define my style. in particular

Kathleen, Shane, Jarvis and Little Olive Family Shoot

set in amoungst the beautiful upper moutere hills. i photographed this gorgeous wee family in the vineyard where shane

Cam, Fluer, Lily and Saf

i swear.i am so crazy lucky.crazy crazy lucky to meet and photograph these insanely amazing families. they have just

Lawrence Family

if you asked me to be blunt. and tell you what i thought a family portrait was. i would in all honesty tell you this. i

Elder Family

“don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.” Alan Harvey i was introduced to these

mad months

it would be more than fair to say. the last couple of months have been mental. i have been pushed and extended and

Harrison Family – Mackenzie Country New Zealand

getting invited to capture this incredible family in the mackenzie country was just a little slice of