Franziska and Benjamin – Forsyth Island, Marlborough Sounds

Each wedding and its location are special. It carries meaning and heart and love for each couple. This location was

Julia and Steve

The rain cleared and some truly beautiful people came together to celebrate. More coming very soon.

Chrissy and Marcus

A small sneak peek of a beautiful day just before Christmas. More coming soon. x

Monique and little Noah

Monique and Noah are two pretty beautiful human beings. I had such a short time with them. It would have been easy to

Baby Teeth

this time of year feels a little out of control. you know that feeling? and time sort of disappears on you. and then on

Dave, Jen and their crazy big crew

way back in 2000 when i was living far away over the seas i met some pretty cool people. way back then they only had

Emma and Isaac get hitched

on a beautiful early spring day emma and isaac said yes. it was pretty


i will attempt to put into words what the bottom two images mean to me. when i meet with my families. and emails go

Steph, Christian, Tano, Oscar and little Mila

way too much amazingness in one little family. truly scrumptious people. xxx Rachael Brown


pretty much nothing beats escaping to the sounds. high above the hills. aqua blue water below. great friends. good

little snatches

the last couple of days has just involved a whole tonne of playing. racing around. wind in hair. dressing up. chasing.


it hasn’t taken long to find my heart with this project again. i have remembered. what made me love this whole

A little each day

last year in the october school holidays i set myself a wee personal project to get my camera out everyday and capture

Bee, Russell, Daisy and Lola

here is this tiny bit of light i have stumbled across. last week someone asked me to define my style. in particular